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In an increasingly digital age, it’s no secret that our children are spending more time than ever before glued to screens. However, what if we could transform this time from endless random scrolling to constructive learning? That’s the ultimate goal of Channel Lab.

YouTube has become the go-to destination for visual content, from entertaining vlogs to educational how-tos. It’s no wonder why: we are, by nature, visual learners. According to the Social Science Research Network, approximately 65% of us are visual learners, meaning that we retain information more effectively when it is presented to us visually. It is therefore intuitive to think of YouTube as an educational goldmine for our children, if used correctly.

But how can we make sure that the content is not only educational but also engaging and fun for kids?

Enter the world of ‘edutainment’, a blend of education and entertainment that has proven to be highly effective in capturing children’s attention while stimulating their learning. It’s a strategy often employed by the best teachers in the world. Recall your school days; wasn’t your favorite teacher the one who could make even the most complex topics fun and interesting?

Great educators know that learning doesn’t have to be a grueling process. They integrate humor, creativity, and relatable real-world examples into their lessons. This engaging style of teaching resonates with kids, making the learning experience enjoyable and thus more impactful.

In the same vein, Channel Lab provides children with a selection of curated channels that are both educational and entertaining. We’ve teamed up with parents, teachers, and childhood development experts to help us find the best channels YouTube has available.

Beyond the pre-loaded channels, we give parents the power to customize the app according to their children’s needs. Parents can add channels they believe are high quality, ensuring that their kids have access to a broad array of content that fits their child’s specific interests while filtering out channels with no value.

With YouTube’s traditional algorithm out of the picture, there’s no risk of children stumbling upon inappropriate or unproductive content. Instead, the YouTube Player for Kids creates a safe environment where kids can learn and grow at their own pace, all while having fun.