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Preselected A+ Channels

Childhood development experts and parents have shared their favorite channels and videos.

Custom Channels & Topics

Set topics that match your child’s interest and give access to your preferred channels as well.

Filter Out Unapproved Channels

YouTube delivers videos based on watch history. That’s not always the best for young adults.

Who says learning is boring?

Children are very influential at a young age. They’re brains rapidly soak up information about behavior, culture, language and much more. YouTube can be a wonderful tool for shaping that development it the right way. That’s where Channel Lab comes in.

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Safe Channels For All Ages

Easily toggle off channels or add your own

Sun Farming

Learn about basic farming and agriculture through a well done stop animation style.

Meet Martina Nerdforge

  • Lost a finger, built a new one
  • Made and armored suit for her dog
  • Has pink hair(obviously)
  • Approved for Channel Lab

Watch out for the Backyard Scientist

  • Lives in Hawaii (wears Hawaiian shirts)
  • Built a car powered by a mousetrap
  • His experiments often result in explosions
  • All his neighbors have moved away

Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to see in your YouTube? Tell us.

Does my child need a Google or YouTube account?

Not at this time. Your preferences are saved on your device and never leave your device.

Can I block channels or topics?

Yes. Channel lab comes with channels preloaded, but you can turn any of them off. Topics can’t be blocked at this time, but you can add topics such as Tennis or Aquariums!  

Will my child be able to add any channels or topics they like?

The ability to add channels or topics in the Lab can be protected by a four-digit pin number.